Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain Old Irish Goats for my farm/field?
Do you have OIGS for sale?
Our breeding program is not at the stage where we can sell the Old Irish goats. But your contributions will help us get there faster.


How do I tell if my goat is an Old Irish Goat?
Before you can call your goat an “Old Irish” goat, it will need to be inspected, scored for physical and functional characteristics, and DNA profiled in conjunction with the Old Irish Goat Society.  


Can we help?  We have a farm with suitable land and would like to be part of the conservation efforts.
At the moment, the Society houses the goats in several secure locations where they are looked after. The need to take on additional locations has not arisen yet, but the society does keep a record of people willing to help should the need arise. 


Are they dangerous?
They are usually shy of humans and move away. They are not dangerous unless provoked and can cause accidental injury with their horns.


Report of an injured goat.
We usually thank people for this reporting and explain that there is often nothing we can do.


Can I rehome  my goats in your sanctuary?
No, this is only a sanctuary for the Old Irish goat breeding program.