Frequently Asked Questions?

We are still in the process of establishing and securing the foundation stock of the National Herd once we have the breed numbers secured we will be in a better position to extend the program. We wish it could move faster-quicker but we have minimal funding and are a volunteer-run organisation.  If you would like to express your interest in joining the breeding programme or become a breeder in the future – Please fill out the Breeder Interest Form

Please email [email protected] with a photo of the goat(s) and your location.  The goat(s) will need to be inspected, scored for physical and functional characteristics, and DNA profiled in conjunction with the Old Irish Goat Society, who are the official representative of the breed and manage the herdbook. 

Old Irish Goat’s are elusive to those they do not know, and are usually shy of humans and will move away.  However when you build a relationship with them as farmer/herder they are a charismatic and very intelligent breed that will fascinate.  For the public we recommend keeping a distance of 30 metres from grazing herds and to KEEP DOGS ON LEAD, as dogs will behave unpredicatably around livestock.  This is to ensure the safety of your pet and the herd!

Sadly it is, they have no legal protection.  Only a gun license is required to shoot them and they can be killed all year-round with no quotas. If you would like to help stop this please Sign the Petition and share it.  If you have signed already and would like to do more to help we would recommend emailing the ministers who have the power to enact legislation to protect them. Email: [email protected]; [email protected]  Thank you!

There are lots of ways to support and help the Old Irish Goat:  We are always happy to welcome new volunteers and have a range of volunteer roles that we need help with as we grow. Please email us [email protected] if you would like to get involved we’d love to hear from you!  

We are always grateful for donations to help us run the programme. We are a volunteer-led non-profit, and all money raised from your donations and sales from our Old Irish Goat Shop supports us in paying for feed, veterinary care, & the costs associated with surveying & DNA testing.  If you are in a position to contribute, your support is very much appreciated. Thank you! Please click here if you would like to Donate

We have a visitor centre in Mulranny, Co.Mayo – The Old Irish Goat Centre – where you can come and experience the Old Irish Goats up close and learn about them! Learn More

The Howth Herd are working on Howth Head to reduce the risk of gorse fires, they can sometimes be on view from the Cliff Walk. Please keep 30 metres distance from the herd and KEEP DOGS ON LEAD at all times as dogs will behave unpredictably around livestock!  Please help us keep our herds safe!

We haven’t opened our membership just yet,  as we are still securing the foundation-stock and we have no funding to set up and manage membership at present.  It would be our hope to be in a position to open it in the near future. If you would like to register you interest in becoming a member please fill in the Membership Enquiry Form 

The Sanctuary is the hub of our breeding programme and is there to provide a safe haven for the Old Irish Goat while we try and preserve the breed, we are unfortunately not in a position to help take in other animals.  

 If you find an injured goat that has a tag please contact the Department of Agriculture on 01-607200. If you find an injured wild goat in our area we will do our best to assist/advise email us [email protected].  If the injured animal is futher afield it is best to contact Animal Welfare at the Department of Agriculture, or a Wildlife Rescue for assistance.  If the animal is located within a National Park the local NPWS Office should be contacted 

If you have found a goat kid that you believe has been abandoned, it is best to keep a distance and not to touch the animal. Nannies will hide their young, and go browsing for a number of hours and then return. They will continue to do this until their young are strong enough to keep up! Goats are a hider-species so it is totally normal behaviour and it is very unlikely the kid has been abandoned.  Please note nannies may avoid or delay returning if humans are close by as they will not want to give away their baby’s location or risk the safety of the herd.  If a kid is stuck in a gryke or rock use a t-shirt to cover your hand and help to release the animal, then withdraw from the area. A wild kid’s best chances of survival are always with its Mum!

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