Visitors Centre & Gift Shop

Old Irish Goat Centre

Discover Ireland’s, native breed of goat

Join us on a journey to rediscover the rich history & unique heritage of the Old Irish Goat in the last remaining stronghold of the Old Irish Goat – here in Mulranny Co.Mayo! Enjoy a unique opportunity to experience these elusive, primitive animals in person & look into the eyes of Ireland’s ancient past. Learn about their journey through history, from their arrival 5,000 years ago, their symbolism in Irish pagan culture, farming, art & literature, how they helped Irish families through The Great Hunger/Irish Famine & their unexpected heroism in today’s modern challenges! It’s an experience you won’t forget!

Suitable for All Ages – No Entry Fee – Wheelchair Accessible – Parking Available

About the Centre: This is a wonderful story of a unique, charismatic Irish animal that a small community along the Wild Atlantic Way is working hard to protect and preserve for future generations. The Old Irish Goat Centre will appeal to the Culturally Curious and families alike. Located on the N59 as you approach the village of Mulranny.  Look for the directional signs (pictured below). Staffed by a committed group of volunteers and supported by the Gift of Hands community group, the Old Irish Goat Gift Shop provides the running costs for the visitors centre and animal husbandry care for the goats.  Local artists and craftsmen supply the shop with quality Irish handmade products.

Sit back and relax in the audio visual room with a cup of tea/coffee and watch the short documentary film on the story of the Mulranny goats. Then go down to the paddock and visit with a few of this year’s goats.
The Old Irish Goat Centre is open 7 days a week during the summer months from 11am-5pm

Read more about the Old Irish Goat Centre here

A brilliant example of community in action: organising to save heritage and environment. Shop is a treasure trove of top class art and culture, museum tells the history wonderfully. If you miss this when your visiting Malranny, you've missed Malranny

Lúgh O Braonain

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This place is a fantastic stop. The craft shop is gorgeous with lovely local high quality crafts. If you have any fans of goats - this place is perfect. The had baby kid goats in the front paddock which were adorable. The staff was a fantastic gentleman who gave information about the area and the Old Irish Goat which is a native breed of goat. This is a worthwhile stop which you won’t regret.

Ciara R

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Lovely place to learn about the old Irish goat. The short documentary was really interesting and the shop has some wonderful items as well. Just a few miles down the road we actually saw a few and it was so neat to know a bit about them.

Whitney Alexander

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